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The Difference Between Rough Country and ReadyLift: Which One Should You Use?

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ReadyLift and Rough Country are two of the most popular suspension systems on the market.

Rough Country is more affordable, but it does not offer all of the features that ReadyLift offers.

ReadyLift has a wider variety of products available for your vehicle, which may be better suited to what you need.

Both Rough Country and ReadyLift have their pros and cons; this blog post will help you decide which one is right for you!

Rough Country VS ReadyLift Summary: Rough Country is less expensive than ReadyLift. RC has a broader range of products available for your vehicle, while ReadyLift only offers specific product lines, and their kits can be easier to install. It isn’t easy to choose between these two, but in cases where customers have tried both, ReadyLift does appear to be preferred by customers and recommended mechanics over Rough Country.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, and if you click them to make a purchase, Auto Buyer Guru Blog will earn a commission.

Rough Country VS ReadyLift

To help you choose between the two, we will look at a couple of things like budget, performance, and options available.


Both of these lift kits can be seen as affordable options.

Rough Country is less expensive than ReadyLift, but not buy a lot.

If you check out the pricing on both of these lift kits (depending on what you’re looking at), you will notice the price difference is not huge and almost identical in many cases (at the time of this post).

Each of them has options available under $200 for an entry-level kit, and both of these brands offer more advanced life kits, including coil springs, spacers, brake line relocation brackets, track bar drop brackets, sway bar, brake line relocation, etc.

Rough Country may not offer the best solution for a specific requirement that you have, but it does provide good value for its price point.

Rough Country 3" Suspension Lift Kit for 1999-2006 Chevy/GMC1500 2WD - 232N2
  • Give your Silverado/Sierra the Perfect Blend of Performance, Protection, and Style from Rough Country.
  • Unmatched Ground Clearance | Premium N3 Shock Absorbers the Best in Performance for On and Off-Road Use.
  • Levels the front with the rear of the vehicle
  • Includes N3 Premium 10-stage Variable Valving, High Pressure Nitrogen Charged Shocks .
  • Backed by Rough Country's Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Last update on 2024-07-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

ReadyLift 69-5175 3"F / 1"R SST Lift Kit - Toyota Tundra TRD / SR5 / Rock Warrior
  • Max Lift: 3.0"F/1.0"R - Max Tire Dia: 35"
  • E-coated finish on the strut extensions, rear blocks and U-bolts will last as long as your Toyota
  • Skid Plate Spacers provided to adjust the skid plate down when using differential drop brackets
  • Includes Sway Bar Drop Brackets
  • Precision crafted upper strut extensions designed to position the strut in the same mounting angle position

Last update on 2024-06-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Performance & Quality

The performance of Rough Country vs ReadyLift is interesting.

If you look at some reviews online, you will notice that Rough Country has some excellent reviews, with 1000’s of 5-star reviews from very happy clients.

When you dive deep into forums, we find it when you see some people bad-mouthing Rough Country, calling it poor quality, junk, and so on.

I think many of these comments are hardcore enthusiasts; and not seeing Rough County for what it is and the market they are targeting – which in many cases is entry-level lift kits, not the bee’s knees of lift kits.

A lot of these forums and videos are also outdated in many cases.

In the past, Rough Country had gained a reputation that their kits were low quality and cheaply made; and, overall, not worth the money.

That may have been the case before, but it doesn’t seem to be anymore.

We feel an angry person on a forum or YouTube video doesn’t reflect the number of higher quality reviews from happy customers.

Rough Country is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers and distributers of lift kits, and suspensions and their quality seem to be improving each year.

You may or may not know, but RC kits are designed, engineered, and produced in Tennesee, USA. Some aftermarket parts like nuts, bolts, etc., are likely sourced overseas, but that’s common among nearly every manufacturer, no matter what industry.

Who makes ReadyLIFT? ReadyLift’s quality has also improved over time, and its quality and success were recognized when Wheel Pros acquired them in 2018

Wheel Pros are a well-known distributor of branded automotive aftermarket wheels, performance tires, and accessories.

ReadyLift’s reviews speak for themselves.

The majority of their products showing 100’s of 4/5 star reviews from happy customers, and it must be noted that Ready Lift does appear to have a few low ratings and complaints compared to RC.

We also find complaints on forums for ReadyLift are much less than Rough Country.

Some customers have said that their RC products come with defective parts or the materials used were of poor quality.

For example, kits missing bolts or having worn threads. This would be pretty frustrating.

Rough Country or ReadyLift – Which Would We Choose?

Readylift vs Rough Country

We have a soft spot for RC, but if we had to choose between Rough Country or ReadyLift, we would give the edge to ReadyLift.

ReadyLift’s quality seems to be preferred by most customers who have tried both and mechanics choosing them over RC, which must be noted as they are professionals at the of the day.

The high-quality reviews from many happy customers and lack of poor reviews make ReadyLift the winners in our eyes (but just about).


Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, and if you click them to make a purchase, Auto Buyer Guru Blog will earn a commission. The decision to purchase these links is completely yours and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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