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Pagid vs Textar Brakes: Which Is Better?

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When it comes to Pagid vs Textar brake, it can be hard to decide which one is better?

Both brands are well-known and respected in the automotive industry, so it can be hard to determine which one to choose.

In this blog post, we will compare the two brands and discuss the key features of each.

We will also help you decide which one is better for your needs and explain why.

Pagid vs Textar Brakes

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First and foremost, Pagid and Textar brake pads are known for their high quality.

This is no surprise since the same company manufactures them.

In case you didn’t know, both Pagid and Textar are manufactured under TMD Friction.

Retail brands under this group also include Mintex, Don, Cobreq, and Nisshindo.

Both Pagid and Textar are manufactured in Germany also.

All Pagid and Textar brake pads go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet the high standards set by the company.

This is why Pagid and Textar are both trusted by automotive professionals worldwide.

So when you buy Pagid or Textar brakes, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.

It isn’t easy to point out any main differences between these brands, particularly the brake pads.

If you hold them both, you will find it hard to distinguish one from the other.


Pagid vs Textar brake pads

Both Pagid and Textar offer excellent performance. That’s one of the reasons they are so popular among professional racers and track day enthusiasts.

Pagid and Textar brakes offer excellent fade resistance, thanks to their high-performance formulations.

Last update on 2024-06-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This means you can brake harder for longer without worrying about your brakes fading away.

We did a post recently comparing ATE vs Textar, and one of the most common things we saw was the amount of dust from Textar brake pads compared to others.

We haven’t seen the same amount of complaints from Pagid installs.

However, even though the same company manufactures these brands, it doesn’t mean they are like for like.

Textar, in particular, is constantly innovating and currently has over 300+ friction formulas.

However, feedback from auto part shops is that they tend to get more complaints when they install Textar brakes than Pagid.

The main complaint being the brake noise was very loud and annoying on the Textar’s.

This issue appears to be common when installed on BMWs, which can be off-putting (read more).

However, Textar has launched a new ePad developed for the OE market to achieve cleaner, quieter, and more comfortable braking. 

Have they achieved this?

Well, it would appear so, with the new epad showing signs of less abrasion, which minimizes both noise and brake dust.

Textar is making some exciting strides in the electric car market with Telsa’s Model S, and the new X model and the new BMW models i3 and i8 are also equipped with Textar brake pads as standard. 


Pagid and Textar brake pads are both very affordable when it comes to price.

You can purchase a set of Pagid or Textar brake pads for as little as $50.

This is significantly cheaper than some of the other brands on the market.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable option, Pagid and Textar are both excellent choices.

Comparing Pagid vs Textar on price, there is very little difference in most cases; they should be similar in price no matter where you buy them.

Which One is Better, Pagid or Textar?

Well, it’s difficult to say. Both brands offer high-quality products at an affordable price.

Pagid and Textar brakes are both trusted by automotive professionals worldwide, and honestly, you can’t go far wrong with either (remember, same company and made in Germany).

Pagid and Textar both offer excellent fade resistance and excellent braking power when it comes to performance.

However, we have seen more complaints about noise from Textar brakes than Pagid brakes.

If we were buying some brake pads for a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes, we would be more swayed to Pagid as an OEM replacement, mainly because they are less likely to squeal and leave dust.

However, we are interested to see how Textar’s new ePad fairs out because if they do what they say, it makes them a serious step up in the braking market.

If you’re looking for a brake pad specifically designed for electric cars like Telsa, Textar could be the better choice.

Do you have any experience with Pagid or Textar brakes? Let us know in the comments below!


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