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How Long Does a Tire Change Take?

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You need to get your tires replaced, but you have a busy day ahead.

Will you have enough time to fit this into your day?

Or maybe you are traveling to the airport and want to factor in some extra traveling time on the off chance you get a flat and need to change it quickly on the roadside.

In this post, we discuss how long a tire change takes if you go to a professional dealership or you’re going solo on the side of the road.

How Long Does A Tire Change Take At A Dealership?

Changing a tire at a dealership will take 30 minutes, at least per tire.

If you bring your vehicle to a dealership to get four tires changed, it should take at least 2 hours to get this done.

When I get all my tires changed, I like to bring my vehicle to a dealership that is close to other stores so I can do grocery shopping, go to the mall, or maybe a walk – something to pass the time.

How Long Does It Take To Change 4 Tires And Alignment?

How Long Does it take to change 4 tires

You can expect it to take 3 hours in total to get all 4 tires changed and also have them aligned.

30 minutes per tire, and at least 1 hour to safely complete the tire alignment.

You might say to yourself, is tire alignment necessary?

Yes, it is 100% necessary, and you should get a tire alignment every time you get a pair or a full set of tires.

If you don’t get this done, your vehicle handling will not be as good; the ride is more uncomfortable.

The vehicle will also pull and lean in one direction, which can be extremely dangerous when driving faster.

You also run the risk of tire cupping and rapidly wearing the edge of the tires.

In the long run, it will cost you more money if you don’t wait the extra hour for the alignment because the tires will not last as long, and you are wasting your own money.

How Long Does It Take To Replace Flat Tire?

If you are replacing a flat tire yourself, it should take around 30 minutes to replace the flat tire.

If you are not familiar with changing a flat tire, it might be worth refreshing your mind with a quick youtube video or some steps to follow.

The video below is quite helpful in the first steps to replace your tire correctly and safely.

Check your owner’s manual in the car also; they should have some information on how they use the jack, wheel brace, and portable air compressor that connects to the cigarette lighter (In most cars).

If it takes you a little longer than 30 minutes, don’t worry about it; ensure you do it right.


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