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Falken Wildpeak AT3W Review – Are They Worth The Hype?

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The Falken Wildpeak A/T3W is one of the best tires out there. If you are someone who’s on the road a lot, you will love this tire.

This tire is made of a silica rubber compound and features a wide tread design, this tire has amazing wear, wet performance, and winter.

In this post, we dive deep into the specs of this tire and see if it is really worth all the hype in our complete Falken Wildpeak AT3W review.

Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a commission.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Review

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Review

Falken’s tires have never been for off-road use, but with their new Falken Wildpeak AT/3, they want to change their reputation a bit.

This tire is made solely for off-road driving, being more aggressive while simultaneously having decent on-road handling.

According to the company, these tires have been made with a silica rubber compound design, so that it performs well under wet, winter, and wear performance, that is what the “3W” stands for as well.

The tire has been constructed with a one-of-a-kind groove pattern to give ultimate grip support and improve the vehicle’s traction.

The best part about this tire is that it has an apex construction on the outer side; this defends the tires from wearing off due to heat buildup; this is one of the most common reasons why a tire becomes useless.

Falken Wildpeak AT3 Performance

Falken has rated the AT/3W’s performance as listed below:

Dry Handling4
Wet Breaking4.5
Tread Life4
Ride Comfort3.5
Winter Performance4.5
Off Road4
Fuel Efficiency3

Key Features

A super deep tread

The tires have a deep tread to ensure that it can easily wade through deep mud or snow and have a longer life.

These tires do not wear off that soon.

They are snow and hydroplane resistant.

The deep tread also helps to provide durability and rigidness. It increases the stability and handling of the vehicle, both off-road and on the road. T

his is one of the many reasons they made our ‘best mud and snow tires‘ list also.

Torque Support and protection

This tire has been constructed with a 3D canyon sipe technology, which interlocks the shoulders to resist wear from high torque and also helps in providing additional stability.

This tire also offers protection from aggressive rugged sidewall contact.

It provides off-road traction at low pressures and as well as in off-camber situations.

Internal Cooling

This is a form of protection offered from the heat that normally occurs due to friction between the road and the tire.

This cooling protection also ensures the vehicle’s stability and the protection of the internal tire components.

With all this added protection, this tire has a prolonged tread life compared to Falken’s other tires.


This tire comes with a 2-year replacement warranty.

Outer Apex Sidewall

The outer apex is built to act as a heat shield in order to protect the inner construction of the tire. This also adds to the vehicle’s stability and durability.

With this tire’s deep silica tread, there is little to no chance of rocks getting stuck in the tires, which results in the wearing off of tires.

This tire has an all-terrain and rugged all-weather capability, according to the manufacturers.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Price

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Price

The price of the Falken Wildpeak AT3W ranges from $184 to $470. The price of the tire depends on the size, load index, and speed rating.

The higher each of the three is, the pricier the tire gets. The size starts from 30/9.5R15 to 30/9.5R15, with a load index of 104 to 127.

Not all of these tires have a sidewall, though. The sidewall protection starts at the price of $443.

We can say that these tires are mid-range to premium as they offer a variety of choices with varying prices for each size of tire.

Those who are looking for sidewall protection may find these tires to be on the pricier side as this feature is not in tires ranging from prices $184 to $312. 

People who are used to hitting the road quite often and have to work in rough and rigid areas have only nice things to say about this tire.

This is one of the many reasons why this tire was our #1 budget recommendation in our ‘best off-road tires for the daily driving‘ list.

With extensive research, we can safely say that these tires are worth the hype and investment.

They are durable, and you won’t. have to worry about a replacement any time soon, so you basically get a bang for your buck.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Mileage

This long-wearing, all-terrain tire has been specifically designed for heavy-duty vehicles that are on the road more often than an average car.

It has a mileage of up to 70,000 miles, making it ideal for vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks, thanks to its deep treading. It a very popular all-terrain tire for Chevy Silverado owners.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W White Letters

If you want to, you can buy the white lettering of the Falken Wildpeak AT3W.

It will cost you around $195 to $800, depending on the size of the tire.

However, this will be comparatively more expensive than buying the regular plain lettered tires.

Final Verdict

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Review

All in all, these tires are worth the investment.

They have a long tread life, and they come in a variety of sizes.

Falken has really set a benchmark for themselves with these tires.

These tires are more of an investment than a regular buy, as they will support your vehicle for many years.

Not to forget that they come with a 2-year warranty meaning you can get your tires changed for free; of course, conditions apply.

We will surely recommend this tire as your off-road companion.

I hope you found this Falken Wildpeak AT3W Review useful, and if you want to know a little more about the sizes available in this tire; scroll down to the end of this page.

Falken Wildpeak At3W Sizes

Below is table of the tire sizes available for the Wildpeak AT3/W.

RimItemTire SizeLoadServiceApprovedMeasuringOverallOverallRevsTreadTireMax LoadMaxU.T.Q.G.
DiameterNumberIDDesc.Rim WidthRimDiameterWidthPerDepthWeightSingle / DualPressure
    (in)(in)(in)(in)Mile(/32in)(lbs)(lbs)(psi cold)
15″28034108235/75R15XL109T6.0 – 8.06.528.99.17321435.1227150660-A-B
2803011230×9.50R15LTC104S6.5 – 8.57.529.59.57081744.1198550
2803011431×10.50R15LTC109S7.0 – 9.08.530.510.46851849.8227050
2803711532×11.50R15LTC113R8.0 – 10.0931.511.36641956.2253550
2803711633×12.50R15LTC108R8.5 – 11.01032.512.56452057.3220535
2803711735×12.50R15LTC113R8.5 – 11.01034.512.56082069.7253535
16″28034109235/70R16XL109T6.0 – 8.07299.47291336.8227150660-A-B
28034608P245/75R16XL112T6.5 – 8.0730.59.86941338.6246950660-A-B
28034657255/70R16XL115T6.5 – 8.57.530.110.27031339.7267950660-A-B
28034667265/70R16SL112T7.0 – 9.0830.610.86921442.3246951660-A-B
28034301265/75R16SL116T7.0 – 9.07.531.710.66711443.9275651660-A-B
28030119LT225/75R16E115/112S6.0 – 7.0629.38.57111741.42680 / 247080
28030994LT235/85R16E120/116S6.0 – 7.56.531.79.16581747.83042 / 277880
28030628LT245/75R16E120/116S6.5 – 8.0730.59.56841749.43042 / 277880
28030639LT265/75R16E123/120S7.0 – 8.07.531.710.46601852.53415 / 308580
28037611LT285/75R16E126/123R7.5 – 9.0832.811.16371860.63750 / 341580
28037641LT305/70R16E124/121R8.0 – 9.5932.812.16371963.33525 / 319565
28037124LT315/75R16E127/124R8.0 – 11.08.534.612.36062072.13860 / 352565
17″28034782215/65R17SL99T6.0 – 7.56.5288.77561232.2170951660-B-B
28034775225/65R17SL102T6.0 – 8.06.528.69.67411333.7187451660-B-B
59000690235/65R17SL104H6.5 – 8.5729.19.67211331.1198450600-B-A
28034737235/75R17SL109T6.0 – 8.06.531.19.16791437.9227151660-A-B
28034768245/65R17XL111T7.0 – 8.5729.59.77191339240350660-A-B
28034747245/70R17XL114T6.5 – 8.0730.69.86911339.9260150660-A-B
28034764245/75R17SL112T6.5 – 8.0731.59.86711341.4246951660-A-B
28034713255/65R17XL114T7.0 – 9.07.530.110.37081341260150660-A-B
28034769255/70R17SL112T6.5 – 8.57.531.110.26791342.3246951660-A-B
28034721265/65R17XL116T7.5 – 9.5830.610.66971342.3275650660-A-B
28034300265/70R17SL115T7.0 – 9.0831.710.86681446.5267951660-A-B
28034306P285/70R17SL117T7.5 – 9.58.532.811.36471450.5283351660-A-B
28037616LT235/80R17E120/117R6.0 – 7.56.531.89.16551748.53085 / 283580
28030718LT245/70R17E119/116S6.5 – 8.0730.89.86761748.33000 / 275580
28030711LT245/75R17E121/118S6.5 – 7.5731.79.56571751.43195 / 291080
28030332LT255/80R17E121/118S6.5 – 8.5733.1106321752.53195 / 291080
28030712LT265/70R17E121/118S7.0 – 8.5831.910.76531852.93195 / 291080
28030907LT275/70R17C114/110S7.0 – 8.5832.411.16441857.12600 / 233550
59000350LT285/70R17C116/113Q7.5 – 9.08.532.811.16341863.72755 / 253550
28030612LT285/70R17E121/118S7.5 – 9.08.53311.66321858.93195 / 291080
28030129LT285/75R17E121/118S7.5 – 9.5833.911.16171865.53195 / 291080
28030123LT315/70R17E121/118S8.0 – 11.01034.612.76042072.83195 / 291065
2803711335×12.50R17LTE121R8.5 – 11.09.534.812.56022075.4319565
2803792137×12.50R17LTD124R8.5 – 11.01036.512.85741982.5352550
18″28034841255/70R18SL113T6.5 – 8.57.532.110.26581342.8253551660-A-B
28034854265/60R18XL114T7.5 – 9.5830.610.56941343.2260150660-A-B
28034823265/65R18SL114T7.5 – 9.5831.510.66751346.1260151660-A-B
28034809265/70R18SL116T7.0 – 9.0832.610.86461446.7275651660-A-B
28034901275/65R18SL116T7.5 – 9.5832.110.96631447.4275651660-A-B
28030127LT265/70R18E124/121S7.0 – 9.0832.910.76341859.53525 / 319580
28030803LT275/65R18E123/120S7.5 – 9.0832.110.76511860.23415 / 308580
28030703LT275/70R18E125/122S7.0 – 9.0833.4116241860.83640 / 330580
28030827LT285/65R18E125/122S8.0 – 10.08.532.611.36421859.53640 / 330580
28037333LT285/75R18E129/126R7.5 – 9.5834.811.35991865.94080 / 375080
28037327LT295/70R18E129/126R7.5 – 10.08.534.311.96091868.14080 / 375080
28037335LT305/65R18F128/125R8.5 – 11.0933.612.26231970.53970 / 364080
28030126LT325/65R18E127/124S9.0 – 12.09.534.6136052076.73860 / 352565
2803733435×12.50R18LTF128R8.5 – 11.01034.612.26121674397080
2803733037×12.50R18LTE128R8.5 – 11.01036.612.95711979.4397065
20″28034021275/55R20XL117T7.5 – 9.58.531.911.16611348.1283350660-A-B
28034003275/60R20SL115T7.5 – 9.5833.110.86401347.8267951660-A-B
28030128LT265/60R20E121/118S7.5 – 9.5832.510.26401858.23195 / 291080
28030120LT275/65R20E126/123S7.5 – 9.5834.110.66111866.13750 / 341580
28034121LT285/55R20E122/119T8.0 – 10.0932.411.26421858.23305 / 300080
28037329LT285/60R20E125/122R8.0 – 10.08.533.511.46221865.53640 / 330580
28037326LT285/65R20E127/124R8.0 – 10.08.534.611.46031867.73860 / 352580
28037328LT295/60R20E126/123R8.0 – 10.08.533.911.76141869.43750 / 341580
28030385LT305/55R20F125/122S8.5 – 11.09.533.212.56261966.13640 / 330580
28030125LT325/60R20E126/123S9.0 – 12.09.535.412.85912083.83750 / 341565
2803730735×12.50R20LTF125R8.5 – 11.01034.612.76032076364080
2803733137×12.50R20LTE126R8.5 – 11.01036.5135701977.8375065
22″28034219285/45R22XL114T9.0 – 10.59.532.111.16481248.1260150660-A-B


Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a commission.

Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission we receive from your purchases.

The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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