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Can You Daily Drive a Lifted Truck? What You Need To Know

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Lifted trucks are one of the best vehicles for an off-road adventure, not to mention one of the most attractive too; but can you daily drive a lifted truck?

Daily driving a lifted truck might sound like an arduous job, but it can feel like a breeze if you know all the right tricks.

These modified vehicles are built by fitting aftermarket parts and different automobile accessories that enhance their ground clearance.

This necessary factor makes driving fun and enjoyable. 

If you’re bored of your usual car and want to give lifted trucks a chance, the guide below will provide you with every piece of information that you need to know.

From factors that drivers need to consider when daily driving a lifted truck to its advantages and disadvantages, we’ll help educate you about all of these below. 

Can You Daily Drive a Lifted Truck? 

Can You Daily Drive a Lifted Truck

Yes, you can daily drive a lifted truck.

However, no matter how big of a car enthusiast you are, there are several things to consider before you start driving a lifted truck daily.

These include their parking, gas mileage, and your comfort as a driver. 

A few crucial aspects of daily driving a lifted truck are: 

1. The Look Of Your Ride

Most drivers choose lifted trucks because of the freedom of modification that they offer.

Many well-known automobile companies provide drivers with a range of metal pieces to mount on the suspension lift to give their car a new classy look.

The selection of modified pieces depends on the final image in your head and other factors such as how high you want the car to be.

For example, for a GMC lifted truck, a 7.5 inch Rough Country suspension lift will look nothing less than amazing. 

Other than that, the wheels also make a significant difference in the final look of the vehicle.

Considering this, it is imperative to select an appropriate wheel size, as it can affect the driving quality of the lifted truck. 

2. Noise

Noise is another factor that you should consider when you’re driving a lifted truck. Many owners of modified trucks prefer driving around with stock exhaust systems.

These are loud, and it can be uncomfortable driving.

However, you can install smart combinations of automobile parts that will make your vehicle sound quieter. 

Taking the example of the GMC once again, you can make use of a three-inch downpipe and a 5-inch straight pipe to lessen the sound of your truck. 

It is crucial to know if the truck runs on diesel or another energy source before installing any noise tuning part in your lifted truck, as they require different sound modifying systems. 

3. Parking 

If you live in the countryside, parking a lifted truck may not be a problem.

On the contrary, things can be a bit difficult if you live in the city.

After you have a lifted truck, you can consider parking garages a thing of the past. 

Daily driving a lifted truck means you cannot just enter any parking garage that you desire.

A majority of parking lots in the city only allow cars of a certain height to enter.

Since lifted trucks are considerably tall, it will be tricky to find a spot for them in garages.

So, it’s best to rely on open-air parking and parallel parking. 

Open-air parking also saves you from the inconvenient speed bumps your truck will have to go through in parking garages.

Lifted trucks are also massive in size, meaning they tend to take up a lot of parking space – especially in garages. 

This could lead to unwanted scratches and dents from impatient or less-experienced drivers.

To avoid this, you can park your modified truck at the back of a garage, which is usually empty.

However, the best option is to always opt for open-air parking.

Parallel parking is also a convenient option for lifted truck drivers.

As these vehicles offer enhanced visibility, you can enjoy a good view of your surroundings while you park.

If you know how to use the side mirrors and have steady control of the steering wheel and the brake system, parallel parking should not be a problem. 

Having said that, a lifted truck still doesn’t offer a perfect view.

Many drivers still struggle with parallel parking a lifted truck even if they have mastered the art well.

Try sitting on the driving seat of a lifted truck, and you will realize that you have very limited vision when it comes to having a look down. 

It can also be difficult to see things below than the tailgate of your vehicle while you reverse.

That makes it difficult for any driver to protect their truck from smaller cars that might be moving or parked around it. 

4. Gas Mileage 

Ask any truck owner, and they will tell you how thirsty these big machines are.

Some people might blame the lift for the low gas mileage, but the large tires are the real culprit. When you fit big tires into your truck, you gear it up.

Consequently, the motor has to put in extra effort to push the car forward, needing much more fuel in return. 

The trick to minimizing the gas usage when you’re daily driving a lifted truck is to size up the tires after careful consideration.

For example, if you opt for 37-inch tires, you will have to alter the gearing by changing the drive ratio. An approach like this will help you decrease gas usage immensely.

5. Experience

Lifted trucks have a great aura.

If you see one on the street, it’s bound to grab your attention. In the automobile community, many think that lifted trucks are not a practical option.

After all, they’re not eco-friendly, take a lot of effort to climb into, and the bumps and jumps can be bad for your back. 

So why should you invest in a vehicle that doesn’t have many upsides to offer?

The answer is the experience!

Driving a daily lifted truck can bring a smile to any driver’s face.

Just owning a lifted truck gives the impression that you are a fun-loving and carefree human being.

If you have a personality like this, you’ll have the time of your life by daily driving a lifted truck. 

Advantages of Daily Driving a Lifted Truck 

Advantages of Daily Driving a Lifted Truck

1. Greater Visibility 

Whether you’re driving on a beaten camping path for a relaxing weekend or going to work, the heightened seating of lifted trucks makes it easier to analyze the surroundings. 

Not only does this play a significant role in mitigating any chances of an accident, but it also helps you detect traffic jams from afar, making your commute convenient. 

2. Greater Towing Capability 

Lifted trucks offer enhanced towing capabilities, especially for heavy loads.

Towing with a smaller car is a big challenge, as it can always swerve out of control because of the weight of the load.

However, with lifted trucks, you do not have to worry about such possibilities, as they provide a better safety margin.

3. Smooth Off-Roading 

Car enthusiasts with a passion for off-roading exhibit another level of love for lifted trucks.

As they offer greater ground clearance, drivers find it easier to drive lifted trucks over rough terrains. 

Disadvantages of Daily Driving a Lifted Truck 

Disadvantages of Daily Driving a Lifted Truck

1. Tough Handling 

When you lift a truck, its center of gravity also shifts, and the height lessens its stability.

As a result, you must always drive it at a slow speed, especially at turns. 

Driving fast can make it easy for you to lose control of your car, but many drivers also find it frustrating to drive exceedingly slowly.

However, until you get used to the rough handling of a lifted truck, that’s exactly what you should do.

2. Higher Aerodynamic Drag 

Due to the immense weight of lifted trucks, greater resistance of large tires, and a tall structure, lifted trucks create a more intense aerodynamic drag.

This causes a decrease in the fuel economy of the vehicle and also makes the tires noisy.

Other than that, the large tires also wear out much faster on the pavement. 

3. Difficult to Climb In and Climb Out 

Daily driving a lifted truck means you will have to use it for everyday chores.

This can involve things like dropping your kids at school or going on hospital visits.

However, lifted trucks are not the easiest to climb into because of their tall profile.

As a result, you or your loved ones might face difficulty getting in and out of the truck.

Final Thoughts 

Since you’ve made it this far, we assume you’re more than interested in giving daily driving lifted trucks a try.

If that’s the case, we’re not shocked.

It’s natural to want to start your search for your dream vehicle right away, especially after finding out how easy it is to daily drive a lifted truck! 

These large vehicles have been stereotyped as impractical and immature, but owners of lifted trucks enjoy many perks.

If you’re soon to be one of them, we advise that you do the same and enjoy every bit of your lifted truck. 

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