Brembo vs Wilwood Brakes: Which One is Better & Why?

Brembo vs Wilwood Brakes: Which One is Better & Why?

There are many different brands to choose from when it comes to brakes.

Two of the most popular brands are Brembo and Wilwood.

Both have their pros and cons, but which one is better?

This blog post will compare Brembo vs Wilwood brakes and help you decide which one is right for you.

We will discuss both brands’ quality, performance, and price and help you decide which one is the best value for your money.

Brembo vs Wilwood Brakes

Before we go right into comparing both of these on performance, it’s worth mentioning a little about both companies, who they are, the products they offer, and who those products are designed for.

Brembo Brakes

Brembo is a world-renowned Italian manufacturer of high-performance brakes, calipers, and other automotive components.

Brembo brakes are used by many professional racing teams and are known for their quality and performance.

When it comes to quality, Brembo brakes are hard to beat.

Brembo’s products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Brembo produces brake systems and parts for the most popular cars in the European, American, and Japanese markets to braking systems for the world’s most prestigious and exclusive models.

The list of brands using Brembo is endless and far too long to mention here. But you can find the complete list HERE.

This includes luxury and performance models such as Porshe, Ferrari, McClaren, and many more.

Brembo brakes are used by professional racing teams worldwide and have a proven track record of performance and reliability for over 30 years.

This includes Formula 1 with 26 championships to their name and 30 constructors championships.

Brembo’s upgrade options help car enthusiasts get the best possible brake upgrades for our vehicles to improve our performance.

No matter what level of performance we are looking to achieve (i.e., street racing, track days, or all-out racing).

The UPGRADE program includes the SPORT, GT, AND PISTA product lines. Each one has its unique braking characteristics and price range.

Wilwood Brakes

Wilwood has been an American manufacturer of high-performance brakes, calipers, and other automotive components in business for over 40 years with a proven track record for quality and performance.

Wilwood brakes are designed for both professional racing teams and car enthusiasts. Wilwood produces brake systems for many vehicles, including muscle cars, street rods, kit cars, race cars, trucks, SUVs, and more.

It goes beyond that. Wilwood has designed off-the-shelf applications from Go-karts and Snowmobiles to heavy-duty military humvees, which enforces people’s trust with Wilwood.

Their product line includes more than 300 brake calipers, 200 rotor designs, 100 master cylinder designs, and a wide assortment of brackets, fittings, valves, and brake lines. 

Their product lines allow people like us to find a significant performance upgrade to suit any requirement at an affordable price.

Performance Comparrison: Brembo vs Wilwood

Both Brembo and Wilwood offer high-quality products that are designed for performance. But which one is better, Brembo or Wilwood?

In terms of performance, Brembo brakes are hard to beat.

They have been used in professional racing for many years and are known for their high level of performance.

Wilwood brakes offer good performance, but they cannot compete with Brembo’s track record.

If you are looking for the best performing complete breaking overhaul, Brembo is the better choice than Wilwood.

Brembo Brakes elevate a vehicle’s performance beyond the capabilities of a stock set-up.

Of course, Brembo will strain a budget and require effort and skillset to install and fine-tune, but the advantages of upgrading will prove overwhelming once set up.

However, If you want to be a little different and stand out from the norm, go with Wilwood. You can customize the complete brake system to your liking.

Even though Brembo’s are the best, in our opinion, you will see them everywhere (since they are OEM on so many cars now).

Wilwoods have that extra bit of curiosity about them from enthusiasts and petrol heads. 

Wilwoods are popular amongst hot rod users, where many would choose Wilwoods over Brembos due to the lower cost and the fact they tend to be lighter than Brembo. 

Wilwood has a significant following in older/retrofit-type cars compared to Brembo. 

If you are living in the EU, go with Brembo for sure. It’s much easier to get parts and upgrades for them down the line, whereas Wilwood is much harder to get. 

It’s worth mentioning feedback from users who have had both also.

Users who have used both have said that Brembo’s have been consistently less likely to have failures and problems than Wilwood or Stoptech.

Price Differences

Wilwood brakes tend to be less expensive than Brembo brakes in terms of price.

Wilwood brake kits can vary in price, but they are typically less expensive than Brembo brake kits.

For example, a Wilwood Dynalite Big Brake kit for a Honda Civic typically costs around $1000, while a Brembo Gran Turismo kit for the same car could cost over $2500.

It can be hard to compare prices like for like until you know exactly what type of brake upgrade you need and what vehicle; however, in most cases, you will find that Brembo is more expensive.

The higher pricing is no surprise as Brembo brakes (in our opinion) are a higher quality product and offer better performance.

Don’t be afraid to shop around, and even check out eBay.

You’d be surprised by the bargains you can get on there, especially when you know what you are looking for.

Which Is Better, Brembo or Wilwood Brakes?

Brembo vs Wilwood Brakes

In conclusion, Brembo brakes are the better choice for high-performance braking.

They offer superior quality, performance, and price compared to Wilwood brakes.

If you are looking for the best-performing brake system available, Brembo is the brand to go with.

However, if you are looking for a unique look or want to save money, Wilwood brakes may be a better option for you.

Wilwood has a significant following in older and hot rod cars compared to Brembo.

If you are living in the EU, go with Brembo for sure.

It’s much easier to get parts and upgrades for them down the line, whereas Wilwood is much harder to get. 

We hope this helps, and thanks for reading.

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