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Brembo vs TRW Brake Pads and Rotors: Which One is the Best?

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There are many different brands on the market when it comes to brake pads and rotors.

Two of the most popular brands are Brembo and TRW. However, both brands have pros and cons, so which one is the best?

This blog post will compare Brembo vs TRW brake pads and rotors to see which one comes out on top!

We will discuss the key features of both brands and why someone should pick one over the other.

Stay tuned for a breakdown of each brand’s quality, performance, and price!

Brembo vs TRW

Brembo is a global leader in brake manufacturing.

Founded in Italy in the ’60s, Brembo has grown a reputation for being one of the best, if not, the best brakes you can buy.

Brembo is known for its high quality, performance, and innovation.

They offer a wide range of brake pads and rotors to fit any car from daily drivers, performance cars, and motorsports like Formula 1.

TRW is also a well-known brand in the brake industry.

TRW was founded in Germany in 1902 and has since become one of the leading suppliers of brakes systems and components globally, operating across 40 countries now.

Their products are known for their quality, performance, and durability.

TRW offers a variety of brake pads and rotors for all types of cars.

TRW is a very respected T1 OEM supplier and claims to supply OM parts for more than half the world’s vehicles


When it comes to quality, both these brands offer some serious quality braking pads and rotors, but we just about edge it to Brembo.

Brembo’s brakes are made with only the highest quality materials that meet or exceed OEM standards.

Their braking technology is top-notch and constantly evolving to keep up with the latest innovations.

In addition, Brembo brakes are put through rigorous testing to meet Brembo’s high standards for their products.

TRW’s quality is also excellent.

TRW uses high-quality materials in their brake pads and rotors, but their manufacturing process isn’t quite as stringent as Brembo’s.

This means a slightly higher chance that you might get a defective TRW product than a Brembo one.

However, this is still rare, and overall, both brands offer excellent quality products.

Both brands have extensive quality checks and list off the various certifications they receive, which nobody knows what they are.

We do like TRW’s approach to testing.

They are the only manufacturer to develop their testing hardware and software.

They test their True Originals products in the factory, road, Alpine tests, high-performance testing, and hill hold.


Brembo vs TRW rotors

In terms of performance, both Brembo and TRW offer excellent braking power.

However, Brembo’s braking power is a little bit better.

Brembo brakes can dissipate heat much more effectively, which means that they will stay cool during long drives and perform better overall.

They are also less likely to fade than TRW brakes, meaning that you can brake later into corners and stop faster when you need to.

TRW’s braking performance is still very good, but it doesn’t quite match up to Brembo’s (in our opinion).

One of the main reasons for this is that Brembo brakes are equipped with vented rotors while TRW brakes aren’t.

Vented rotors help dissipate heat much more effectively, resulting in improved braking performance.

Additionally, Brembo offers a wide variety of brake pads and rotors specifically designed for performance cars.

This means that you can get the best possible braking performance from a Brembo brake system.

One thing we don’t like and this can be more so to do with complete brake kit upgrades for

Brembo is that can be known to squeal when braking heavily which can be annoying, especially for daily driving.

We found this mentioned a few times in a couple of forums comparing other brands, not so much TRW vs Brembo.

Brembo’s upgrade program is worth checking out if you have a performance vehicle or have some track days in mind.

Brembo’s are widely known for being an excellent performance upgrade, but what if you don’t want or need that track day type performance?

Are you simply looking to replace the OEM pads or rotors? If so, this can change things, especially if it’s your daily driver.

When comparing Brembo vs TRW brake pads and rotors, TRW replacements might be all you need.

Remember, TRW is the OM for a long list of brands, the difference being BMW or Merc, for example, have their fancy badge sprayed on instead.

If you are looking for a simple replacement for your vehicle, TRW pads and rotors will not let you down.

These days it is hard to keep up with who makes what now. There are many acquisitions, Brands changing OM due to costs, performance, and supply.


When it comes to price, TRW is the winner.

Although there are some exceptions, Brembo brakes are typically more expensive than TRW.

For the most part, TRW offers a much more affordable option for brake systems.

However, this doesn’t mean that Brembo’s brakes are overpriced – they provide excellent quality and performance that is well worth the extra money (if you need that street and track-type performance).

Brembo vs TRW Brake Pads & Rotors, Which One Is Better?

Brembo vs TRW brake pads

Overall, both Brembo and TRW offer great brake pads and rotors.

However, Brembo is the winner in quality and performance, with TRW being the best of the two for price.

So if you are looking for the best possible braking performance, Brembo is the way to go.

However, if you are looking for a replacement for your OEM pads or rotors, TRW is a great option that won’t break the bank.

Did this article help you make a decision? Let us know in the comments below!

If not, don’t worry!

There are plenty of other excellent brake pad and rotor brands out there to choose from.

A few other popular options include Stoptech, Pagid, and EBC brakes.

Do some research and find the best choice for your specific vehicle and driving needs.

Whichever brand you choose, make sure to get your new pads and rotors installed by a professional mechanic to ensure proper function and safety.

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