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Best Carburetor for 383 Stroker|Our Top 5 Recommendations

Table of Contents

If you’re looking for the best carburetor for 383 Stroker, we’ve compiled our top 5 recommendations and done an in-depth review so that you don’t have to!

Choosing a carburetor for the first time can be confusing irrespective of whether it’s a street or race car.

Which brand should you go for? What size carburetor do you need? Is bigger always better?

Keep in mind that optimal engine performance is highly dependent on proper tuning and adjustment of the carburetor.

There’s also the fact that choosing one involves mathematical formulas ( CFM = Cubic Inches x RPM x Volumetric Efficiency ÷ 3456)

Carburetor for 383 Stroker Review: Our Top 5 Picks

1. Holley 0-80457sa 600 CFM Four-Barrel Street Carburetor

Holley HOL 0-80457SA Aluminum 600 CFM Four-Barrel Street Carburetor
  • Performance upgrade for stock to mildly modified V-8 engines
  • Calibrated for excellent street performance right out of the box
  • Factory preset electric choke for easy startups
  • Vacuum secondaries for use on wide variety of vehicles
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

Last update on 2024-04-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Holley 0-80457sa 600 CFM Four-Barrel Street Carburetor is the ultimate street warrior and is compatible with most cars, especially Chevys.

This brand has been in the market for more than a century, which should tell you that their products are worth their salt.

Despite being an entry-level carburetor, the Holley 0-80457sa only needs a few adjustments to make your vehicle street-ready.

This is of course dependent on the type of engine you have. It also comes with an aluminum body with a polished finish and as the name suggests, it’s a four-barrel carb; enough to give your car the boost it needs to run efficiently.

Due to its make, it’s very lightweight and is 400% lighter than most carburetors in the market.

This carburetor is especially perfect for Chevys but it has vacuum secondaries that make it possible for you to use it on various vehicles including Chrysler, Ford, GM, etc.

It’s this kind of compatibility that makes it a favorite among street racers.

With most mainstream carburetors, you have to deal with the choke on your own.

The Holley 0-80457sa is different; it has an electric choke that warms up your car with ease.

It also has a universal calibration that enhances your bolt-on performance.

The 0-80457sa  has a blowout protection system on the valve that protects your engine from backfiring as you drive.

It’s fuel-efficient, reliable, and easy to install.

What more do you need?

It’s important to note that this carburetor only comes with nuts & bolts as accessories so you will need to buy a gasket kit separately.

It also lacks an aesthetics appeal but that’s only because it’s a workhorse.

This is however a small price to pay for the numerous features it has.

This carburetor is a beast by all standards and is a great option irrespective of your 383 stroker’s car weight and type of gearing and transmission.


  • Vacuum secondaries open smoothly.
  • An electric choke that’s factory preset for easy startup.
  • Lighter than most mainstream carburetors.
  • Easy installation.
  • Compatibility with most cars, especially Chevy blocks.
  • A universal calibration system for a bolt-and-go performance.


  • It lacks aesthetic appeal.
  • The gasket kit has to be bought separately.
  • Could be more durable.

2. Edelbrock 1405 Carburetor

Last update on 2024-04-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

We wouldn’t be surprised if the Edelbrock 1405 carburetor is familiar to you.

Why wouldn’t it be?

This company has perfected the production of full-functioning carburetors and this carb is unlike others in the market.

It has been designed for optimal performance and if you’re looking for an easy go-to solution for your replacement carbs problem, then it’s the way to go.

What makes the Edelbrock 1405 Carburetor such a great street performer?

For starters, it’s compatible with almost all Chevy vehicles and can work with both electrical and manual chokes.

If you own a stock Corvette then this carb isn’t for you because the hood is too small but if you have open-air equipment for your race car or an aftermarket hood, you should give it a try.

Changing the metering rods takes a few minutes because you don’t need to drain the fuel or remove the carburetor.

You can also use the rods to transition between circuits and the best part is that the Edelbrock 1405 holds its tune for as long as you need, once it’s activated.

This means that you don’t have to change its calibration for the carburetor to be consistent and if you do your research, you’ll find that few brands offer you this feature.

The Edelbrock prediction team also eliminated the power valves; a great move that prevents your car’s engine from backfiring.

Since this carburetor comes with an aluminum build, it’s lightweight and has a long-lasting wrap. It’s also compatible with gasohol and blended fuels and has a shiny finish.

If you own a chevy then you’ll quickly realize that this carburetor is severely underrated based on its power offerings and performance.

The Edelbrock 1405 Carburetor is the perfect workhouse solution that comes in an affordable package.


  • The carburetor can be tuned for miles on end.
  • The aluminum construction is lightweight and increases its durability.
  • It’s consistent and holds the tune once activated.
  • It’s affordable and practical.
  • Can be used with electrical and manual chokes.
  • Compatible with most Chevys
  • Can be used on both gasohol and blended fuels


  • Can be difficult to install.
  • Incompatible with exhausted heat chokes.
  • Incompatible with stock Corvette hoods.

3. Holley 0-80738C Model 4150 650 CFM

We’ve already covered one Holley model so between the 0-80457sa and the 0-80738C Model, which one should you go for?

Well, both carburetors are great and the choice should be based on their individual features.

The Holley 0-80738C Model 4150 650 CFM Four-Barrel Street Carburetor is truly iconic and this has little to do with the brand name.

Despite being initially made for the Ford Thunderbird, this carburetor has become an American beast for streetcars.

It comes with an appealing dichromate finish and is one of the best options for cars that have limited hood maneuverability (can fit in 4mm clearances).

Originally, the CFM was rated 400 but Holley decided to upgrade it to a 780 CFM that makes it perfect for cars with 425 horsepower including the Z16 Chevelle.

Even though these carburetors don’t have power valves, you’re unlikely to experience any engine backfires.

Fuel efficiency is guaranteed by the dual-feed fuel-inlets that ensure you always get maximum fuel delivery.

The dual accelerators come in handy if you need extra fuel and the mechanical secondaries are all you need for a staggering performance.

The secondaries also make it possible to use this carburetor on lightweight vehicles and if you have a manual transmission car, you can use the 0-80738C Model to increase your rpm.

This carburetor has electric chokes to eliminate the tedious task of having to do the cold starts yourself and the vacuum secondaries make it universal.

Perhaps one of its noticeable trademarks is the changeable secondary jets and the power valves that prevent your engine from backfiring.

It’s however important to note that due to the dual feed inlets, you may need additional parts.

The Holley 0-80738C Model may not be the best option for race cars but it checks all the other boxes.


  • It has the ultimate fuel-efficiency thanks to the dual-feed fuel inlets.
  • Gold dichromate fish makes it aesthetically pleasing and durable.
  • Fits in cars with limited hood space.
  • Changeable secondary jets.
  • Dual acceleration pump that allows you to accelerate in a short time.


  • Some installations may require further modifications.
  • The adjustment settings can take a lot of time.

4. Quick Fuel Technology SS-750-AN 750

Quick Fuel Technology SS-750 750 CFM Mechanical Secondary Street Carburetor
  • Quality Quick Fuel products you can count on
  • Made from quality materials
  • Everything you need
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and long lasting

Last update on 2024-04-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Quick Fuel Technologies is one of the few renowned brands that produce top-notch carburetors and the SS-750-AN 750 CFM Street Carburetor does not disappoint.

One of the features that make this model stand out is its aesthetic appeal.

Most carburetors focus on the functionality aspects, completely ignoring the color scheme.

This model strikes the perfect balance between practicality and alluring design, making it perfect for 383 enthusiasts that enjoy flaunting their hoods.

It’s a 750 CFM pump without a vacuum secondary since it’s a manual but it comes with the necessary vacuum hookups.

It has an electric choke that’s changeable with ideal feed restrictions which means that you can easily set the adjustments as you wish.

This carburetor has a billet aluminum construction that makes it sturdy and long-lasting.

The installation process isn’t bolted and go so you’ll have to make the necessary adjustments but fixing it is fairly easy.

You also get maximum fuel efficiency and delivery.

Checks are easy thanks to the sight glass windows on the fuel bowls and further tuning is enhanced by the high-speed air bleeds.

The metering blocks and throttle bodies are made from aluminum, which ensures heightened strength and precise fitment.

If you’re looking for a carburetor that is as powerful as it looks then this carburetor should be the way to go.


  • Great color scheme and a durable aluminum build.
  • Electric choke and high-speed air bleeds.
  • Maximum fuel efficiency and delivery.
  • Fairly easy installation process.
  • Full aluminum throttle body.


  • Doesn’t offer a bolt-and-go process
  • It’s quite expensive.

5. A-Team Performance 1902R

A-Team Performance - 1902 Remanufactured Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor 750 CFM 4MV - Compatible with 1974-1978 GM Chevrolet Chevy Carb (Renewed)
  • 1902 Remanufactured Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor
  • Compatible with 1974-1978 GM Chevrolet Chevy Carb
  • Improve throttle response and overall performance throughout the RPM range.
  • Each carb has a distinctly different fuel curve calibrated for a particular application.
  • Calibration Direct replacement-style performance carburetors that outperform "over-the-counter" O.E. style replacement carbs.

Last update on 2024-04-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The A-Team Performance 1902 Remanufactured Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor is as badass as the famous movie series bearing the name; it has almost everything you’d need in a car for a 383 stroker.

Most mainstream carburetors have a disappointing throttle response and lack a universal performance but this one is a complete game-changer.

The remanufactured Rochester is a great option if you can’t rebuild your current carb but don’t have enough funds to splurge on a new one.

It’s a great bargain because it doesn’t compromise on functionality and won’t hurt your bank account.

This carb also has both primary and secondary metering rods.

The Q-Jet Casting enhances its durability so that it can serve you for years without breaking down.

As for its functionality, the calibration performance can outperform most Original equipment that you can purchase over the counter.

You also get to enjoy maximum fuel efficiency and the carbs have varying fuel curves that are calibrated for particular applications.

This particular model has manual chokes but other A-team models have electric chokes.

If you’re looking for an affordable out-of-the-box carburetor then the remanufactured Rochester should be your primary choice.

It’s the perfect option if your main focus is on daily performance and you don’t care much about aesthetic appeal.

This model is compatible with several vehicles including the 1974-1978 GM Chevrolet Chevy.


  • Q-Jet Casting for enhanced durability.
  • It’s a replacement-style carburetor.
  • Easy installation.
  • Compatibility with various vehicles including the Chevy and EGR.
  • It has secondary and primary metering rods.
  • Amazing universal performance and impressive throttle response.


  • Doesn’t have electric chokes.
  • You may experience vacuum problems after a while.
  • Lacks aesthetic appeal.  

What is the Best Carburetor for 383 Stroker?

Carburetor for 383 Stroker
Image Credit:

The best carburetor for a 383 stroker is the Holley 0-80457sa 600 CFM Four-Barrel Street Carburetor.

This carb comes from a reputable brand that has been around for more than a 100 years and has all the features you’re looking for;

  • Compatibility with most vehicles (you only need a few adjustments for it to fit your type of vehicle)
  • Electric chokes.
  • Easy installation process.
  • A system that prevents engine backfires as you ride.
  • bolt-and-go-process.

This carburetor is the ultimate street warrior and the only significant downside is its lack of aesthetic appeal and the fact that the gasket kit has to be bought separately.

This is however a small price to pay compared to its numerous advantages.

Holley HOL 0-80457SA Aluminum 600 CFM Four-Barrel Street Carburetor
  • Performance upgrade for stock to mildly modified V-8 engines
  • Calibrated for excellent street performance right out of the box
  • Factory preset electric choke for easy startups
  • Vacuum secondaries for use on wide variety of vehicles
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

Last update on 2024-04-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

A Simple Buyers Guide: How do I choose the right carburetor?

Shopping for the best carburetor for your 383 stroker can be exhausting, especially if you don’t know what to look for.

Before committing to a purchase, the carb has to be your desired features which are highly influenced by the make of your vehicle.

Factors to Consider when Buying a 383 Stroker’s Carburetor

1. Cubic Feet Per  Minute (CFM)

A high CFM means more airflow for your engine so if you buy a calibrator with a low CFM, airflow will be impacted which will in turn affect your engine performance.

Ensure you calculate the CFM first, by finding out your engine’s volume efficiency.

On average a 600-650 CFM rating is pretty great for daily driving but if you’re into street racing, you’ll need more.

2. Material

The durability of your carburetor is highly dependent on the material it’s made from, which is why you should always go for carbs made with heavy duty material.

Most of them are made from zinc and aluminum, which are as durable as it gets.

How do you choose between the two?

You check out their weight!

Aluminum is pretty lightweight so you can carry it with ease.

It however boils down to the carburetor that fits your vehicle best.

3. Find the Right Fit

Can the carburetor fit your engine displacement?

You need to choose a carburetor that’s neither too big nor too small for your car.

It has to be the perfect fit.

Small carburetors are, however, problematic because they limit your car’s horsepower, so if your vehicle consumes a lot of power, go for the big ones.

4. Fuel Efficiency

Most carburetors have one common challenge; the inability to deliver fuel when you really need it.

Go for a carburetor that is fuel-efficient and has dual acceleration pumps.

This will help you speed up in a short time.

Other factors to consider include;

  • Type of secondaries: carburetors with vacuum secondaries are great for automatic engine response and regular driving. Racecar drivers however need mechanical secondaries as they provide more throttle control and response.
  • Ease of installation: It’s advisable that you go for a carburetor that can be installed in a few minutes.

How to Find the Best Carburetor for a 383 Stroker

Most car builds vary and it can be difficult to find a carburetor that’s the perfect fit for your stroker.

Even though most carbs can be modified to fit your vehicle, here are some useful tips when shopping for your 383 stroker.

1. Lower Your Expectations

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a carburetor that will start working as soon as you complete the installation process.

There’s a high chance that you’ll have to tune it to fit your engine including;

  • Tests for secondary jetting.
  • Tuning intermediate and idle circuits.
  • Checking fuel pressure and float level.

Some carburetors however coe with rest measures.

2. Identify How Much Carb You Need

The size of your carburetor is determined by your engine displacement, driving habits and some aspects of your engine build.

Other aspects to consider include; transmission type, maximum expected RPMs, exhaust system, and intake manifold type.

The only challenge is that this process involves complex calculations.

You can however check out CFM ratings to find the perfect pick. 

3. Consider Your Bore and Stroke

Your 383 is a short-stroke engine with a stroke off 3.75 inches and a bore of 4.03 inches, which means you should prioritize high revs and horsepower.

The torque will vary based on the modifications you’ll make so ensure you put the bore and stroke into consideration before buying a carburetor.

You also need to consider displacement because your engine needs enough airflow but not too much that it overwhelms it.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

The fact that you have a 383 stroker shows that you don’t just care about performance; you also want what’s under the hood to look good.

It’s one of the main reasons that you’ve got a custom engine.

If you have an old Chevy pickup, you may have to overlook aesthetic appeal.


Best Carburetor for 383 Stroker

How Much Horsepower Does a 383 Stroker Have?

Even though 383 strokers have varying horsepower, the torque produced is always noteworthy.

For example, the GM ZZ383 Performance engine has a torque of 449 pounds and 425 horsepower while the GM HT383 Base Performance engine boasts a torque of 435 pounds.

Most 383s have a horsepower range of 330-335 and a torque averaging 420-foot pounds.

What Size Carburetor Do I Need for a 383 Stroker?

The size should be dependent on your engine type and how you use your car.

For instance, if you regularly engage in street racing a 750 CFM will do but for regular driving, you should go for a 600-650 CFM.

How Can You Turn a 350 into a 383?

The 383 stroker is basically a Chevy 350 block that’s been modified.

However, there are lots of varying aspects when you check under the hood.

The good news is that the 383 and the 350 are mostly similar so there are lots of interchangeable parts.

383 strokers are also easily customizable but most standard carburetors don’t cut it.

The engine may end up being under-carbureted.

Are Stroker Engines Reliable?

The longevity of a stroker engine is highly dependent on how well you take care of them.

Most of them are fairly fuel-efficient and can last for up to 9 years.

What Happens if the Carburetor is too Small or too Big?

A small carburetor will limit your horsepower which means that your performance at high RPMs will be reduced.

A large carburetor on the other hand will apply your engine with too much fuel and air which can overwhelm it and accelerate the rate of wear.

How Do I Know that My Carburetor is Dying?

Your car’s performance will steadily decline until it eventually fails to start.

The most obvious symptoms of a dying carburetor include a backfiring engine and black smoke in the exhaust.

Your engine may also begin to overheat.

Ensure you find out the warranty details of the carburetor including the period and aspects that it covers before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Most people tend to lean towards manufacturer recommendations when buying a carburetor but they aren’t always the best option.

Our top choice for the Best Carb for 383 Stroker is the Holley 0-80457sa 600 CFM Four-Barrel Street Carburetor; which we feel has all the features your 383 stroker needs.

We’ve however reviewed 4 more carburetors so that you can have a variety to choose from.

You have everything you need to make the right purchase.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to take your ride for a spin!

Holley HOL 0-80457SA Aluminum 600 CFM Four-Barrel Street Carburetor
  • Performance upgrade for stock to mildly modified V-8 engines
  • Calibrated for excellent street performance right out of the box
  • Factory preset electric choke for easy startups
  • Vacuum secondaries for use on wide variety of vehicles
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

Last update on 2024-04-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a commission.

Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission we receive from your purchases.

The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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